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Edgun Leshiy 2 - Short

The EDgun Leshiy 2 R.E.P.R. is a step forward in modern PCP design.  The Leshiy 2 is hammerless and uses a new valve that allows consistent dwell time regardless of regulator pressure...
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Umarex Gauntlet 2

Umarex has run the Gauntlet again! The all-new Gauntlet 2, here in .22 caliber, is raising the bar for PCP air rifle performance and value. This rifle features a huge 24 cubic inch onboard tank that...
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FX Maverick - Sniper

*THE SNIPER FEATURES A 700mm BARREL AND 580cc CARBON FIBER TANK.  *Recommended to shoot heavy pellets in .22 caliber (JSB Monster Redesigned for example) The FX Maverick is a brand-new...
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