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Patriot Outdoors

Patriot Javelin Slugs | .22 Caliber | 200 pcs.

$11.99 - $14.99
*PATRIOT IS HAVING ISSUES EXPORTING THESE SLUGS TO THE US CURRENTLY. AS OF RIGHT NOW WE ARE NOT TAKING PRE-ORDERS* Javelin slugs are designed to travel long distances with minimal influence from external factors. To do this, they have incorporated a...
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JSB KnockOut Slugs .22 | 25.39gr | 200 pcs.

Unleash the power of slugs with the new JSB KnockOuts! JSB has long been known for making the highest quality ammo and they do not disappoint with this ammo. These are .22 caliber and available in 2 diameter options (.216 & .217). If you are...
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