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DonnyFL RONIN Moderator

Ronin is big and bold, but it looks great even on compact bullpups. "Maybe a little overkill for the .177 and .22 but it looks so damn awesome!" - Donny Available in .25 and .30 calibers 2 x 6.5 inches 1/2 x 20 UNF, FX(20mm) & Vulcan...
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DonnyFL SUMO Moderator

The DonnyFL Sumo is the original. Probably the most sold moderator at Utah Airguns it gives a good balance of size, suppression while still being compact. Features: 1.6 x 6.5 inches Mono-core design to increase accuracy and limit the chances of...
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DonnyFL TANTO Moderator

The Tanto has been the missing member of the DonnyFL collection. A shorter version of the KOI.  Features: 1.22 x 5 inches Available in .22 and .25 Mono-core design Precision CNC’ed by professional machinist Sand blasted and anodized...
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FX Impact Magazine (Original)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Always be sure to have extra magazines on hand! Don't find yourself scrambling to load a mag when you need a quick follow-up shot!   FX Impact Magazine Capacity: .22 - 18 .25 - 16 .30 - 14  
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Huggett FX Impact Dedicated Shroud

*Be sure to order the correct length and caliber. This product replaces the factory FX Impact shroud and is extremely quiet. This package comes with 3 components: The shroud, air stripper, and additional Huggett Moderator. The dedicated shroud...
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Huggett FX Wildcat Dedicated Shroud

Not only a major upgrade aesthetically, it is also noticeably quieter. This product includes an air stripper that will thread to the end of the barrel to help with air distribution. Using this shroud allows the Wildcat to have an integrated moderator and...
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Quick Cleaning Pellets

Cleaning pellets remove dirt, debris & lead build-up. Ideal for any type of pellet gun. WARNING! Cleaning pellets are too light to be shot through spring guns. To use a cleaning pellet in a spring gun, use a rod to push it through.
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