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Kraford & Lypt

FX Impact KLS-3 - Bench With Monopod

$319.99 - $377.99
KLS-3 Bench: K&L pad Lighter than the KLS-2 2024 aluminum adjustment rod No tools needed for length of pull  Additional height adjustment  Cast on cast off Cant compensation   Adjustment "flaps" on the pad Bracket...
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MDT Vertical Grip Elite - AR

DETAILS The MDT Vertical Grip ELITE allows the shooter to adjust the distance and angle from the grip to the trigger. Adjusting the grip position enables the shooter to properly position their hand and guarantee a 90 degree trigger press. This will lead...
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Saber Tactical

Saber Tactical FX Impact TRS Rail

$239.99 - $249.99
SABER TACTICAL TOP RAIL SUPPORT (TRS). This new rail changes an already great looking tactical gun into a jaw dropping beast! More importantly, it opens up the possibilities with the latest airgun trends. From the new top rail mounted bipod by GRS to...
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