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FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuner

$149.99 - $169.99
*FOR THE FX IMPACT* *Will not fit in factory FX case with a 700mm barrel for safe shipping.  This integrated shroud system offers new features that will change your tuning process and give you a level of precision control never before available to...
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FX Carbon Fiber Liner Sleeve

The new FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Sleeve is an effective and easy way to add rigidity and dampen the harmonic signature of any FX STX Barrel Liner, all in an effort to aid the endless quest of finding unmatched accuracy from your FX Airgun...

FX STX Superior Heavy Liner

*This liner is highly recommended in order to get the best results with heavier grain slugs. In our preliminary testing we have found this liner performs well will slugs needing a faster twist rate to stabilize.  The groundbreaking Smooth...
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FX Impact Single Shot Loader By Huma-Air

New designed single shot loader or Single shot tray for the FX Impact. In cooperation with some of the leading 100 meter bench rest shooters Huma has re-designed a single shot loader to achieve the best aligned single shot loader for quick and undamaged...
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