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INFINITY Adjustable Scope Mount (1-Piece)

*These are picatinny scope rings. The Infinity Adjustable Scope Rings allows the scope to move vertically along a guided path. The mount is lockable in different positions using two screws. Adjustable mounts are extremely helpful in maximizing a turret...
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Kraford & Lypt

KLS-2 FX Impact Bag Rider

This model slides on to the KLS-2 stock. Perfect for adding stability on the bench with a squeeze bag or any other type of rear rest. Completely adjustable left to right and up and down. 
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Scope Stickers

Scope Turret Stickers (275 Yards)

*BUY 2 SETS OF SCOPE STICKERS FOR $25.00 ($5.00 SAVINGS). DISCOUNT WILL BE APPLIED WHEN THE SECOND SET IS ADDED TO CART. ScopeStickers offers this standardized set of labels for your air gun. Made of durable, weather-resistant material, each individual...
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Warne 20MOA Skeletonized Scope Mount

$109.99 - $149.99
The New LRSKELTG Precision MSR Mount was designed with long range shooters in mind, they took their competition winning  XSKEL mounts and machined a 20MOA channel through the scope bed using cutting edge technology. This allows you to reach out...
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Ergo Grips

ERGO Tactical Deluxe Grip - With Palm Shelf

The Tactical Deluxe with Palm Shelf is the same size and shape as the Tactical Deluxe grip but has the addition of an adjustable palm shelf to support your firing hand. This grip excels on precision and benchrest air rifles.  *Not compatible with...
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FX Impact Side-Shot Magazine (NEW)

This is the new FX Impact High Capacity magazine that is currently shipping with the FX Impact M3. This is made entirely from plastic, which has allowed FX to bring the price down significantly. Thes magazines are awesome, spend more time shooting and...
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Kraford & Lypt

K&L FX Impact Adjustable Cheek Rest

*THIS IS THE GEN. 2 PRODUCT WITH QUICK RELEASE ADJUSTMENT. Adjustable cheek rests fits all models of FX Impacts. A Kraford & Lypt product that allows shooters to perfectly adjust the cheekrest to meet heigh & angle requirements. Especially nice...
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Saber Tactical

Saber Tactical Bottle Clamp Rail Adapter

Available exclusively at Utah Airguns we are excited to be the first distributor to sell Saber Tactical products. The Saber Tactical bottle clamp adapter will allow shooters to attach a bipod to their carbon fiber bottle or FX fixed air tube. This clamp...
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FX 500cc Standard Bottle *(PRE-ORDER)*

This is a FX 500cc Standard Bottle w/ Valve. Can be used with the FX Dreamline (bottle adapter required), FX Impact Dual Tank set-up and FX Crown. This tank is a heavier steel which is great for adding weight to a bench gun. Also they are much more...