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FX Impact Rail Extender

This adapter rail is the perfection solution for extended the small picatinny bottom rail on the FX Impact. With a simple picatinny-to-picatinny mounting system this product will extend the rail out another 8 inches under the air tank. This product is...
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Labradar (with Airgun Trigger Adapter)

$604.99 - $644.99
THE CHRONOGRAPH ERAIS OVER LabRadar is the world’s newest technology in obtaining projectile velocities of Rifles, Shotguns (slugs only), Handguns, Pellet Guns, BB Guns, Bow & Arrows, Crossbows, Paintball. Doppler Radar is the most...
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Sand Sock Gear

Sand Sock Gear - Shooting Bag Set

The Sand Sock Gear Bags were first introduced to the airgun world at the 2018 Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge. Johan Axxelson used these bags on his way to winning the 100 yard benchrest and many shooters use them for PRS type shooting. Incredibly...
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SideShot ScopeCam

Side Shot Scope Mount Rings

If you're looking to attach your Side Shot Scope Mount to several different guns, grab an extra set of rings to make the transition quick and easy. Available in 1 inch, 30mm, or 34mm you will be able to attach to most scopes on the market. 
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