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Daystate 4500psi Compressor Type 2

*Currently out of stock. Daystate has partnered with a fine Italian manufacturer to make available through Daystate's worldwide distribution channels this new robust Electric unit. Build quality and finish are of the highest level as well as a...

FX 4 Stage Air Pump

The FX Super Stroke Pump series has the best reputation for quality and reliability as a pre-charged pneumatic fill device. The 4-stage version pump utilizes a manual control stage switch which reduces the high-pressure effort by adding another stage to...

FX 500cc Standard Bottle

This is a FX 500cc Standard Bottle w/ Valve. Can be used with the FX Impact, FX Impact Dual Tank set-up, FX Crown, etc. This tank is a heavier steel which is great for adding weight to a bench gun. Also they are much more affordable for field tanks...