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Daystate Redwolf

$2,399.99 - $2,599.99
.22 HP in stock! The all-new Red Wolf holds the mantel for the most advanced PCP sporter in the world - and for good reason. A breath-taking picture of elegance on the outside, secreted within its sidelever-operated, computerised action lies the very...

FX Boss .30 Cal

$1,699.00 - $1,999.00
Revolutionary describes the FX BOSS and the development of this rifle and new caliber. With a custom made .30 caliber Smooth Twist barrel the BOSS has quickly proven itself in competition and in the field. The FX BOSS has been designed for heavy...
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FX Crown

$1,599.99 - $1,999.99
**We are now shipping the brand new Gen. 2 FX Crown.** For those that love the adjustability and performance of the FX Impact, but wanted a more classic rifle look, this is the gun for you. Taking aspects from both the Royale and the Impact, FX Airguns...
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FX Wildcat MKII

$1,299.99 - $1,699.99
*All Wildcat MKII's now ship with a factory moderator.  *All .25 Wildcat MKII's now shipping with a 700mm barrel.  The FX Wildcat MKII is one of the most desirable bullpup hybrid rifles that has come to market. It offers the highest level of...
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