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FX Dreamline - Bullpup

The FX Dream-Pup is the compact bullpup configuration of the Dreamline. This style of airgun has become very popular in recent years thanks to the success of current guns like the FX Wildcat and Bobcat. The Dream-Pup is extremely lightweight and compact...

FX Dreamline - Lite

The FX Dream-Lite is one of the lightest airguns ever manufactured by FX. Weighing in around 5.5 lbs (unscoped) the Dream-Lite offers the shooter flexibility and many configuration options. Designed with mobility in mind this gun features a skeleton...

FX Dreamline -Classic

$999.99 - $1,350.00
All of your airgun dreams will soon be realized with the revolutionary FX Dreamline! This gun has been highly anticipated since FX unveiled at IWA in early 2018. Loaded with features that have typically only been reserved for the highest end airguns, the...