FX Crown – First Impressions

With another order of FX Crown on their way, we wanted to go back over all the things we loved about this gun! Justin Jacobson, the Owner of Utah Airguns, took the FX Crown out to the range and gave a breakdown of his thoughts on the gun.

The right-out-of-the-box impression is that it is a really great looking gun. The walnut stock was a beautiful dark grain that takes you back to a more simple time. For those that love the adjustability and performance of the FX Impact, but wanted a more classic rifle look, this is the gun for those shooters. It basically takes the FX Royale and combines it with the FX Impact to produce one of the best airguns ever designed.


The FX Crown comes with many fine tuning features. Some of which include the power adjustments for hammer spring – located toward the back of the gun which adjusts the pre-tension of the hammer spring. A transfer port adjuster – located in the center top of the gun. An external adjustable regulator, located on the guns underside. Of course, the new unique feature in the Crown is the ability to change the caliber and rifling twist rate in a matter of seconds!

The telescoping barrel gives you the ability to adjust how quiet the guns report is by lengthening or shortening the barrel. The FX Crown also comes with a carbon fiber internal air tank, making this gun all the more lighter than other FX models.

Inside that telescoping barrel is what’s called a removable Smooth Twist X Barrel Liner. This feature allows you to unscrew the sleeve and replace it with a barrel liner with different rifling or “twist rates.”

Although there is a ton of adjustability, the gun is not overwhelming when you look at it. FX did a great job of providing all of the new technology in a classic looking rifle. It’s simple and straightforward. The cocking lever is slightly shorter than the Impact or Royale, which is nice because it allows you to more easily grab the lever and cock the gun without removing your thumb from inside the stock.

This gun has a really crisp and smooth trigger pull. The Crown has what’s called a Match Trigger – really reliable and competition grade.

Shooting the FX Crown was a blast. Wind conditions were not ideal with a steady breeze and occasional strong gusts, but the Crown lived up to its reputation.

It shot very, very well. Quiet and smooth. We shot JSB King .25 caliber which we clocked at roughly 900 fps with our chronograph. At 50 yards, we shot a 6 shot group which resulted in a raggedy hole. There was one flyer but that’s what you get with gusts of wind so overall, very happy with the accuracy.

We’d love to shoot the Crown again without so much wind but sometimes that how it goes so we are happy with the results and look forward to doing some hunting with it soon.

The Crown definitely holds up to FX’s standard of quality and accuracy. Come by the shop and check it out for yourself.  

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