Shootah 2017 by Utah Shooters, Fairfield UT

We were able to attend Shootah 2017 in our beautiful home state of Utah. Shootah (Sh-Utah) is a local event that is put on annually by the organization Utah Shooters. The event was held in Fairfield, Ut with about 20-30 Utah vendors in attendance. Attendees were able to shoot everything from fully auto glocks to WW2 era weapons to our awesome airguns. The event ran from 10AM to 4PM and we were slammed all day. We couldn’t have been happier! People lined up to handle, shoot, and see what these airguns were really capable of. At some points there were crowds of people waiting to get there chance to shoot. We saw some familiar faces and also made many new friends.

We had a few different guns available for demo: FX Wildcat, FX Royale 500, FX Impact, Daystate Renegade, and the Daystate Air Wolf. There were a variety of targets that were set up for the attendees. Metal spinners at 25 & 50 yards, also some silhouette targets just past 100 yards. If you are reading this and familiar with airguns, you will know that is usually love at first sight. So many attendees had never seen high quality airguns before. It was fun to see some sceptics settle in for some target shooting. Once they started firing, it was hard to get it out of their hands. We went through around 1500 pellets and 45-50 refills on air!

While talking with attendees, we realized thattheir questions were generally all the same. How powerful are these guns? Are they considered firearms? What are the laws surrounding air guns? How loud are they? How much does it cost to get started in airgunning? How do you refill air? How many shots do you get per fill? We will be writing additional blog posts on these topics and you will also be able to find some answers on our Airgun 101 page if you are interested in learning more about air guns.

Shootah 2017 was a huge success! If you are in Utah, or even surrounding states, please try and attend next year! We will be there and would love to have you stop by our booth and meet us in person. We promise that you’ll have so much fun shooting our guns that you will want to take one home with you. 

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