Summer Giveaway Winner

We want to thank all those who participated in our Summer Giveaway! We had hundreds of entries from people all across the country.

If you missed the drawing, it was for an FX T12 Whisper .22 caliber AND an FX Scope.



The FX Whisper is the secret that has everyone shouting for joy! Everything you could need for a sporting precharged rifle at a great price point. The FX Whisper comes with the latest “whisper” shroud for an extremely quiet muzzle report. Sporting a 12-shot magazine, this bolt-action repeater is quick and convenient. Sporting the same stocks as its big-brother the Monsoon, the Whisper is available in a right hand sporting thumbhole design in synthetic or walnut. Valved with FX’s latest design, this rifle delivers regulated performance without the hassle of a regulator. The two-stage adjustable trigger is superb for sporting, and borders on match quality. Packaged together with an excellent price, the Whisper is a wonderful option for a mid-level precharged rifle.


The winner of our summer giveaway was a Utah resident, John Shaw. John is a bank manager and also works a few nights a week at a gun range in Salt Lake City. As an added bonus, because John is located in Utah, Utah Airguns was able to hand deliver the airgun and overview the product in person.

We spent some time getting to know John and taking some practice shots at the range.


“I was able to meet up with Trevor and crew a few days after the announcement at the range I work for. The guys did a fantastic job at explaining to me, a PCP newbie, how to run this new set up. It is quite easy and the FX rifle is so well designed I picked it up quickly. It’s quite a bit different than the semi auto AR/AK style rifles I typically run around with. I’m getting the scoped mounted, have a nice set of scope rings coming. After picking up an air tank I can’t wait to take this varmint slayer and stretch its legs out.”



This giveaway was a great success and we look forward to doing more in the future. Sign up for our newsletter and keep up to date with all things airguns!

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