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FX Crown .25 Compact | Stealth Package

Ready to ship today! The FX Crown is one of the best airguns on the market. This Compact Stealth package was designed with the hunter in mind. We wanted to build a lightweight, yet still very accurate and hunting capable platform and this Compact Crown...

FX Crown .25 | Vanguard Package

1 of 1 built package. Ready to ship today! This is one of our favorite hydro-dips we have done to date. It is not available to the public as one of the Utah Airguns official options yet. This specific gun is primed for any type of shooting you want to...

FX Wildcat MKII .25 | Sniper Package

SIGHTED & READY TO SHIP! This package is as good as it gets. The .25 700mm Smooth Twist X-Barrel combined with the new Athlon Midas TAC, DonnyFL Moderator, and Eaglevision rings is a great set up for hunting and target shooting. This package also...