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FX Impact MKII Side-Shot Magazine (NEW)

*IF YOU ARE SHOOTING SLUGS OR HEAVY PELLETS WE WOULD RECCOMEND THE ORIGINAL SIDE-SHOT ALUMINUM MAG. LINK BELOW. This is the new FX Impact High Capacity magazine that is currently shipping with the FX Impact MKII. This is made entirely from plastic,...
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FX Impact Single Shot Loader By Huma-Air

New designed single shot loader or Single shot tray for the FX Impact. In cooperation with some of the leading 100 meter bench rest shooters Huma has re-designed a single shot loader to achieve the best aligned single shot loader for quick and undamaged...
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Huggett FX Impact Dedicated Shroud

$239.99 - $269.99
*Be sure to order the correct length and caliber. We usually recommend buying a caliber bigger than what you will be shooting to avoid clipping.  This product replaces the factory FX Impact shroud and is extremely quiet. This package comes with 3...