FX Crown Arrow Gun | KUIU Vias Package

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1 of 1 built package. Will ship with the arrow barrel kit on the gun. 

This custom built Crown package offers the best of both worlds. The KUIU Vias camo pattern is perfect for hunting and you will have options to either use the .30 caliber pellet barrel or the arrow kit. Both barrels use the .30 caliber probe so you don't need to switch that back and forth. For those that love the adjustability and performance of the FX Impact, but wanted a more classic rifle look, this is the gun for you. Taking aspects from both the Royale and the Impact, FX Airguns have produced one of the finest airguns ever.


  • Arrow barrel kit installed and 4 arrows are included with the kit. 
  • Durable hydrodipped stock in the KUIU Vias pattern with a soft touch finish.
  • Sighted for 35 yards.   
  • .30 caliber FX Crown barrel kit and magazine also included. 
  • Barrel deep cleaned. Moving parts lubed. O-rings checked. Total quality check completed.
FX Crown Arrow Gun | KUIU Vias Package  
Product List Price
FX Crown .30 - Synthetic $1,599.99
KUIU Vias Hydro Dip $175.00
Athlon Midas 2.5-15x50 Mil Dot $399.99
FX No-Limit Dovetail 30mm Mounts $69.99
FX Crown Arrow Barrel Kit $199.99
JSB King .30 (2 tins) $34.98
FREE Custom Tune/Sight-In $0.00
FREE Shipping $0.00
List Price Total $2,499.94
Total Package Price $2,479.99

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