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The Crown VP has to be one of the best value airguns on the market today. This package is a great value for someone who wants to get into bench shooting, hunting or just plinking in the backyard. The Athlon Argos BTR 8-34x56 will allow you to push the limits of this gun on range. We have sighted and tuned for the JSB 18.13gr pellets at 35 yards. The compact 500mm barrel also is nice to keep the overall length fairly short. The Crown VP includes a 500CC aluminium bottle, this gun will get over 80 shots per fill on max!

*The Hydro-Dip on this gun didn't cure up to our typical standards. There are minor blemishes on the stock so that is why there is a discount. 

Product Qty List Price Total
FX Crown .22 VP - Synthetic Stock 1 $1,349.99 $1,349.99
KUIU Vias Hydro-Dip 1 $175.00 $175.00
FX No-Limit Scope Rings 1 $69.99 $69.99
Athlon Argos BTR 8-34x56 1 $389.99 $389.99
JSB Jumbo Heavy .22 | 500 pcs | 18.13 gr 2 $17.99 $35.98
FREE Tuning & Sighting 1 $0.00 $0.00
FREE Shipping 1 $0.00 $0.00
Total List Price     $2,020.95
Discounted Package Price     $1,849.99

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Additional Info

$0.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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