FX Dream-Lite .22 (CF Bottle) | Saber Carbine Package

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This is a 1/1 Custom FX Dream-Lite .22 that we put together recently. This gun package has it all. The Saber Tactical Bag Rider installed really gives this gun a cool, carbine-like look. The Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 FFP is an amazing scope for this setup. The Carbon Fiber (480CC) bottle upgrade will give you >25% more shots than the standard tube. The Huggett Atom is the smallest moderator on the market, it does just enough to take the higher pitch sounds to make this gun very quiet. 

This gun is tuned & sighted for 35 yards with the JSB Hades .22 pellets. You will be able to take the gun out of the box and should be very close to zero (depending where you live). Ships with an upgraded Plano Hard Case.

Product List Price Qty Total
FX Dream-Lite .22 - 480cc CF Bottle Version $1,399.99 1 $1,399.99
Saber Tactical Bag Rider $65.00 1 $65.00
Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 FFP Scope $499.99 1 $499.99
Huggett Atom Moderator $149.99 1 $149.99
FX No-Limit Adjustable Rings $69.99 1 $69.99
JSB Hades .22 Pellets $21.99 2 $43.98
Plano Hard Case $49.99 1 $49.99
FREE Sight-In & Tune $0.00 1 $0.00
FREE Shipping $0.00 1 $0.00
Total List Price     $2,278.93
Total Package Price     $2,099.99
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Additional Info

$0.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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