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At last...slugs are here! This is our first gun tuned specifically for slugs that we have made available to the public. We tuned this Impact shooting Nielsen Specialty Ammo .218 caliber 23 gr. slugs. It is shooting around 920 FPS accurately. Slugs are the future of airgun projectiles and we are excited to be at the forefront of testing and product feedback. Slugs have a much better BC (Ballistic Coefficient) than traditional diabolo pellets and will carry energy and accuracy much better downrange. If you are a hunter or looking to shoot long range, this is the build for you. 

This gun has some really nice upgrades:

  • High Capacity Magazine Upgrade - 28 shots!
  • Athlon Midas TAC 6-24x50 Scope (new)!
  • ATI X1 Grip - Sniper Grey (will still send original grip)
  • DonnyFL Sumo Moderator

*We will ship you the original x-liner that was in the gun as well. 

This one will go quick, don't miss out!  

1/1 available. 

Product List Price
FX Impact X .22 - Silver $1,999.99
Athlon Midas TAC 6-24x50 $629.99
High Capacity Magazine Kit $149.99
FX No-Limit 30mm Mounts $69.99
ATI X1 Grip $19.99
FX Slug Liner Upgrade - 600mm $109.99
DonnyFL Sumo Moderator .22 $150.00
1 Box of NSA Slugs 218 | 23 gr| Qty. 100 $14.99
FREE Custom Tune/Sight-In $0.00
FREE Shipping $0.00
List Price Total $3,144.93
Total Package Price $3,129.99
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