FX Impact X .25 700mm | Sniper Grey

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This custom FX Impact X looks like it is from another planet...a really awesome planet! The Sniper Grey Cerakote contrasts perfectly with the sleek black anodized factory parts on the gun and is one of our favorite colors. This specific Impact is tuned for the JSB 25.39 King pellets and shooting them around 900 FPS. It only makes sense to go all out with the accuracy of this gun so we have topped this Impact with a Nightforce SHV 5-20x56. There are more upgrades than you can count on this build including:

  • Sniper Grey Cerakote
  • High Capacity Magazine installed
  • Skeletonized aluminum AR Grip
  • Huggett Belita Moderator

This truly is a 1/1 build!  

Product List Price
FX Impact X .25 700mm (Black Base) $2,049.99
Sniper Grey Cerakote $225.00
High Capacity Magazine Kit $149.99
Nightforce SHV 5-20x56 $1,195.00
F1 Tactical AR Skeleton Grip $75.00
V8 Atlas Bipod - QD $279.95
Huggett Belita Moderator $169.99
FX No-Limit Scope Mounts - 30mm Picatinny $69.99
JSB King | 25.39 gr | 2 Tins $22.98
FREE Tuning & Sighting $0.00
FREE Shipping $0.00
List Price Total $4,232.88
Total Package Price $4,219.99
Additional Info

Additional Info

$0.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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