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Speed Dial

Speed Dial Loader - FX Standard (Small)

*WILL WORK WITH NEW FX MAVERICK/FX CROWN/FX WILDCAT MKIII/FX DREAMLINE SIDE-SHOT MAGAZINES.  The brand new Speed Dial Loader allows airgunners to spend less time loading magazines or more time shooting! Made from high quality polypropylene these...
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Huma FX Wildcat Tuning Regulator

*Utah Airguns Installation only available on NEW gun sales for the moment.  AVAILABLE IN 2 MODELS: - Non-Amp Regulator (<2018) (MKI & SOME MKII) - AMP Regulator (>2019) (MKII) *Both regulators are high pressure (100-170...
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FX STX Superior Heavy Liner

*This liner is highly recommended in order to get the best results with heavier grain slugs. In our preliminary testing we have found this liner performs well will slugs needing a faster twist rate to stabilize.  The groundbreaking Smooth...
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Huggett FX Wildcat Dedicated Shroud

Not only a major upgrade aesthetically, it is also noticeably quieter. This product includes an air stripper that will thread to the end of the barrel to help with air distribution. Using this shroud allows the Wildcat to have an integrated moderator and...
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FX Wildcat Magazine (MKI & MKII)

$29.99 - $35.99
Always be sure to have extra magazines on hand! Don't find yourself scrambling to load a mag when you need a quick follow-up shot! An FX Airguns Magazine for the FX Wildcat. Caliber: .25, .22Capacity: 8 Shots Caliber: .30 Capacity: 7 Shots
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