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Let freedom ring with this custom FX Wildcat Compact MKII in .25 caliber! The robust FX Wildcat MKII Compact is the perfect answer to many shooters desire for a more compact .25 caliber FX airgun without sacrificing power. The MKII Compact was conceived and built with the hunter in mind. It takes all the power of the standard .25 caliber Wildcat, reduces its length and weight to the more compact and well-balanced size of the .22 caliber Wildcat.

FPS: 875-885 FPS

Pellet: JSB King 25.39 gr

Distance Sighted In: 35 Yards

Wildcat MKII .25 | Compact One Nation  
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FX Wildcat .25 MKII Compact $1,399.99
One Nation Hydro Dip $175.00
Huggett Full Shroud $239.99
Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 FFP $529.99
UTG Mounts - Picatinny $18.99
JSB King .25 (2 tins) $35.00
FREE Custom Tune/Sight-In $19.99
FREE Shipping $0.00
List Price Total $2,418.95
Total Package Price $2,399.99
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