FX Wildcat MKII .30 | Kryptek Highlander

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Don't miss out on the rare opportunity to own a complete gun package built, tuned & sighted by the experts. The new FX Wildcat MKII in .30 caliber is one of the best options for a hard hitting bullpup airgun. We can confidently pull out any Wildcat from the box and know it will shoot great everytime and the .30 calibers are no different. The FX Wildcat is revolutionary in terms of a compact/lightweight bullpup that doesn't sacrifice any power or accuracy. This gun package will allow you to do any type of shooting: hunting, plinking, bench, etc. while not breaking the bank. 

  • Tuned and sighted using the JSB 44.95 gr pellets. 
  • Directly threaded affordable DonnyFL FX Moderator.
  • Durable hydrodipped stock in the Kryptek Highlander pattern with a soft touch finish.
  • Sighted for 35 yards.
  • Barrel deep cleaned. Moving parts lubed. O-rings checked. Total quality check completed. 
Product List Price
FX Wildcat .30 MKII $1,299.99
Kryptek Highlander Hydro Dip $175.00
Picatinny Rail Install $40.00
FX No-Limit 30mm Mounts $69.99
Optisan 4-16x44i $390.99
DonnyFL FX Moderator $79.99
JSB 44.75gr | .30 (2 tins) $35.98
Tune, Scope Mounting & Sighting $0.00
Total List Price $2,090.95
Total Package Price $2,089.95
Additional Info

Additional Info

$0.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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