FX Wildcat MKII Compact .25 | Kryptek Highlander Package

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This Wildcat Compact just rolled out of the Utah Airguns Custom Shop and is ready to go hunt, plink or whatever else that includes you shooting it! The Huggett Dedicated Shroud makes this gun extremely quiet while keeping the overall length quite short. This package is topped with an Optisan EVX 4-16x44 scope and is sighted for 35 yards. 

Free shipping is also included on this build. The FX Wildcat MKII is one of the best PCP airguns on the market. The .25 Compact provides the shooter a powerful platform that is easy to manuever with. The FX Wildcat MKII Compact is one of the shortest, most accurate and powerful bullpups on the market today. 

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FX Wildcat Compact .25 $1,399.99 1 $1,399.99
Kryptek Highlander Hydro-Dip $175.00 1 $175.00
Huggett Dedicated Shroud $219.99 1 $219.99
Optisan EVX 4-16x44 $390.99 1 $390.99
JSB Hades .25 Pellets $21.99 2 $43.98
FREE SIght-In & Tune $0.00 1 $0.00
FREE Shipping $0.00 1 $0.00
Total List Price     $2,229.95
Total Package Price     $2,199.99
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Additional Info

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