Accu-Tac WB-5 Bipod | Arca Spec


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Accu-Tac WB-5 Bipod | Arca Spec


The Accu-Tac WB-5 Bipod was designed to attach to an Arca Swiss or Arca style rail to provide additional stability and height. This style is ideal for long-range, extreme long-range, bench-rest, and the airsoft platform. The wide, lowered center allows the rifle to sit between its legs, increasing accuracy and reducing movement from recoil. This is only a suggested use; the WB-5 is not exclusive to these applications.

The WB-5 is 100% billet and is crafted from the highest quality aircraft aluminum available. It has all the versatility you could ask for with its 4 individual leg positions and 9 notch height options. It also has the ability to cant, which can be locked and secured with the adjustable lever. The quick-detach rail mount is fast, simple, and incredibly secure; it attaches to the rail and mounts in seconds without the need to use ay extra tools for tightening.

To engage or adjust the leg position, simply pull the spring-loaded leg downward to move each leg independently. The leg positions can be deployed to 90° or 45°, locking securely into 4 different positions.

Please keep in mind the cant adjustment lever can be repositioned, DO NOT use a tool to tighten the canting tension. Please click here to see how.

Materials 6061 T6 Aluminum alloy / High strength steel hardware
Min. Height (Legs at 45°) 5.75” / 146.05 mm 
Min. Height (Legs at 90°) 7.50″ / 190.5 mm 
Max. Height (Legs at 90°) 10.25” / 260.35 mm 
Min. Stance (Legs at 45°) 11.0″ / 279.4 mm 
Max. Stance (Legs at 90°) 17.25″ / 438.15 mm 
Closed Position Width 5.0″ / 127 mm
Closed Position Length 9.0” / 228.6mm
Weight 23.92 oz
Color Flat Black
Coating Type III ( MIL-SPEC ) Hard Anodize
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 8 in
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