AirMaks KATRAN Compact Airguns

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AirMaks KATRAN Compact Airguns:

The AirMaks KATRAN Compact is a new gun model that was introduced in 2021. It is based on sturdy technology developed by AirMaks Arms, which is located in the Czech Republic. This gun offers various features such as CZ Barrels, Folding Stock, Anti-double feed, Key-Lock hand guard, aftermarket moderator, and more. The KATRAN model is available in two different bottle options – a 300cc carbon fiber bottle and a 165cc tube.


Similar to the AirMaks CAIMAN, the KATRAN model is also fully ambidextrous. This means that the cocking lever can be switched to either side. The platform also comes with additional features such as an adjustable buttstock, AR15 style safety, and hammer spring adjustment. In our initial testing, we were impressed with the accuracy and performance of this airgun.


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 40 × 12 in
Caliber/Bottle Option

.177 Compact, .177 Compact Bottle, .22 Compact, .22 Compact Bottle, .25 Compact, .25 Compact Bottle

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