AirMarksman FX Impact (M3-Only) Thumb Rest


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The new Air Marksman thumb rest allows you to adjust both the angle and the position of your thumb with just a turn of the paddle while shooting.

The benefits of mounting a thumb-rest on the M3 offers a natural rest for your thumb. Top shooters choose to use one on their competition guns and in the field.

The Airmarksman thumb rest mounts on the right side of the M3 frame.  Once mounted, you can now adjust your thumb rest as you like, experiment, and readjust as often as needed. Perfect for relaxing the hand and getting the repetitive grip, that is key for good groups and takes your mind off of having to think about your grip placement and translates to better speed and accuracy, and follow up shots! 


Installation instructions


  • Remove FX set screw closest to the hand grip with a 2mm allen key (do not unloosen bleed valve near trigger housing).
  • Install thumb rest and rubber washer with bolt included in package using 3mm allen key finger tight.
  •  There are three thumb pad positions on the thumb rest the shooter may select for comfortable fit. To adjust, rotate thumb rest forward or backward, up or down to find a suitable position. Snug set screw. Easy to reposition on the bench or in the field.


Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 0.5 × 0.5 × 0.5 in
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