Alpine Innovations – ARQD Multi Point Tactical Rifle Sling – QD


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Make sure the accessories you use with it can match its performance. The ARQD Tactical Weapon Sling by Alpine Innovations is a multi-point tactical weapon sling featuring high-quality components and fasteners. This innovative hunting rifle sling gives you the comfort and functionality this weapon requires. The AR Rifle Sling is incredibly dynamic and is built with comfort and versatility in mind. Proudly crafted in the USA and designed to fit the latest tactical weapons that utilize QD receivers. This sling is ready to perform in the most rugged and dynamic of conditions.


The best thing about the ARQD Tactical Weapon Sling is that you can carry the weapon whichever way works best for the situation you find yourself in. The dynamic ability to change and adapt to circumstances makes this the best rifle sling on the market. Don’t limit the way you carry your AR by choosing a sling that can only be attached as a 1 or 2-point connection.


AYou know that there are times when a single-point connection makes more sense. It gives your rifle the readiness and accessibility needed for situations that require that responsiveness. The 2-point connection allows you to carry the weapon more comfortably for longer periods of time and even over your back if you need more maneuverability. This rifle sling has multi-connection ability, meaning it can be easily re-configured between a 1 and 2-point connection using heavy-duty metal QD locks.  


This rifle sling combines all the tech and comfort considerations you and your weapon deserve. This sling uses 1.5-inch high-quality webbing for comfort and durability and has a built-in shock-absorber to reduce jarring. The strap is made with integrated MOLLE webbing so you can add the accessories and attachments you need, like a knife or a flashlight. It can be adjusted from 46” to 60” and can accommodate any body type. There are quick-release buckles on both ends of the main strap and a swivel at the QD ends so it won’t get twisted or tangled. The strap moves when you move–dynamic, comfortable, and versatile.  


Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 20 × 10 in
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