EDgun – Behemoth Silencer TRI-LUG


Behemoth Silencer TRI-LUG


The Behemoth TRI-LUG quick detach silencer is a significant step forward in airgun silencers. Most systems use recycled technology from firearm designs, and the Behemoth TRI-LUG took a different approach. The EDgun Leshiy, with its direct high flow valve, had proved challenging to make backyard quiet with the gun running at full power. We tested several designs, including sound-dampening felt and wool. Russian winter boot (valenki) felt wool liner proved to be the secret sauce we needed to develop the Behemoth and make what we think is the most effective silencer on the market today. The Behemoth reduces not only the DB reading but also the pitch, a critical factor in what people and animals perceive as “loud”. The other innovation found in the Behemoth is the one-of-a-kind TRI-LUG. The TRI-LUG only requires 1/6th of a turn to attach and detach. The TRI-LUG is a positive lock-up; now, the shooter can quickly reduce the gun’s overall length. Your favorite airgun will again fit in your factory-provided case and allows for rapid deployment. The Behemoth TRI-LUG system is offered in both 1/2X20 UNF or M14X1.25, so it will fit most high-end airguns.
  • TRI-LUG quick detach
  • Modular 
  • Extra Sections Available for Upgrade
  • Large Volume
  • Custom Knurling for Griping
  • Hard-Anodized 
  • EDgun Quality 
  • 3 Baffles as standard


Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 14 × 5 in

.117/.22 (1/2 UNF) , .117/.22 (M14), .25/.30 (1/2 UNF), .25/.30 (M14)

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