FX Carbon Fiber Liner Sleeve


*Will not fit in Superlight barrel systems (FX Crown or Dreamline)

The new FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Sleeve is an effective and easy way to add rigidity and dampen the harmonic signature of any FX STX Barrel Liner, all in an effort to aid the endless quest of finding unmatched accuracy from your FX Airgun.

FX Airguns worked with famed Airgun Master Ernest Rowe in developing these liner sleeves. Many have been familiar with Ernest’s R&D work on the sleeves as he tested tolerance, material and fit to find the most effective accuracy aid. The result is a tailor fit carbon fiber liner that perfectly fits the FX STX Barrel Liners. The tolerances fit so well that no further adhesion is necessary to obtain the stiffness needed to aid accuracy.

Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 20 × 5 in

.177/500mm, .177/600mm, .177/700mm, .22/500mm, .22/600mm, .22/700mm, .25/500mm, .25/600mm, .25/700mm, .30/500mm, .30/600mm, .30/700mm, .22/800mm, .25/800mm, .30/800mm

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