FX Crown Continuum MKII Synthetic Airgun


FX Crown Continuum MKII Synthetic Airgun


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The evolution of airguns has called for more airflow and power in air rifles. While it is easier to add plenum space and valving on bullpup configurations to meet these demands, traditional rifles like the FX Crown were limited – until now! The FX Crown MKII brings higher power and increased capabilities to a platform that was already near-perfect.

The MKII’s increased power comes from a combination of valving, porting, and plenum space. The FX Crown MKII plenum is 28% larger than the previous model and works in tandem with the porting and larger 6.5mm valve, providing excellent results.

Other important upgrades include a 20 MOA angle built into the Picatinny scope rail. With the ability to shoot at longer distances, the canting of the scope base at the front is what allows for more usable elevation adjustment in the scope at longer distances.

The FX Crown Continuum adds some new extremes to this already-versatile platform and brings this airgun to a whole new level. It comes standard with a compact 380mm barrel and a 700mm barrel. The 380mm was created specifically with hunters in mind, making it easy to accommodate scenarios where a short barrel is more convenient. However, the 700mm Smooth Twist X barrel is a fantastic option when length isn’t an issue.

The Superlight STX uses a reimagined and newly engineered barrel housing to hold the STX liner. The liner is now placed in a very sturdy barrel attachment section instead of a long steel tube, resulting in a more rigid barrel. The shroud on the Superlight barrel is fixed with an included FX Moderator (1/2” UNF).

The FX Crown Continuum is available in Synthetic, Walnut, and all current Crown Laminate stocks.

 *Scope and rings not included.

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 40 × 10 in

.22, .25, .30


.22, .25, .30

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