FX -Dreamline Power-Pup (Carbon Fiber) Airgun



The most powerful FX Dreamline yet, the Power-Pup!

The Dreamline Bottle Bullpup has just received a massive inline change and upgrade. With the addition of a large Power Plenum and a 700mm barrel, the Dreamline Bottle Bullpup is no longer just any Bullpup. It will now be called the Dreamline Power-Pup!

The original design of the Dreamline Bullpup Bottle featured an extended valve stem to accommodate and connect to the forward placed bottle. The new and improved Dreamline Power-Pup, features a massive 80cc power plenum catering to those seeking to shoot heavier pellets and slugs.

The Power Plenum is paired with an externally adjustable AMP regulator, and the hammer tension power wheel so you can tune the Power-Pup to either sling heavy hard-hitting slugs and heavy pellets, or tune it down to still send standard sized pellets.

The Power-Pup will be offered in two versions, the standard Dreamline Power-Pup featuring a 700mm STX barrel, and the Dreamline Lil’ Slugger, featuring a short, compact 500mm barrel. These barrel options will come in .22, .25, and .30 caliber. A .177 caliber Power-Pup will be available with a 600mm STX barrel. All Power-Pups come with either a 480cc 250 BAR carbon fiber bottle, or an Aluminum 400cc 232 BAR bottle that has a signifi- cant cost savings.

Initial production will all be the larger Dreamline Power-Pup as this is an inline change to upgrade all existing Dreamline Bullpup Bottle orders.

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 40 × 10 in

.22, .25 , .30

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