FX – Dreamline Tact Compact (Carbon Fiber) Airgun



*If you would like to cerakote/customize your gun please reach out to us at 385-685-5951 for pricing and options!


*Adjustable scope rings are typically required with this gun and most optics.*

The Dream-Tact Compact is a gun we have been looking forward to for well over a year. This gun has been on our radar for a while and we have enjoyed field testing this platform. If you are in the market for a compact, lightweight, accurate, high magazine count airgun this is a great option. All of the Dream-Tact Compacts will be shipping with a folding stock adapter installed. These guns are perfect for hunting, keeping in the truck, packing while hunting, and a number of other uses. The .25 caliber barrel is 4 inches longer than the .22 caliber.

These guns ship from FX without a buffer tube or buttstock. List price will be $1,249.99 without the stock. Our Tactical Entry Stock is a great affordable option and will only add $49.99 installed. Our personal favorite buttstock is the Hogue. Available in Black, OD Green and FDE the Hogue Adjustable Buttstock is a great upgrade choice. 

*If OD Green or FDE buttstock is selected, that will include the same colored grip installed as well. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE CERAKOTE.

Caliber .177 .22 .25
Factory Magazine Capacity 21 18 16
Action Side-lever Side-lever Side-lever
Gun Weight (No Scope) 5.2 lbs 5.2 lbs 5.3 lbs
Overall Gun Length (Tactical Entry Stock) 34″ 34″ 38″
Barrel Length 320 mm 320 mm 380mm
Shot Count 36-42 27-32 20-25
Pellet Tuned JSB 10.34gr JSB 15.89gr JSB 25.39gr
Avg. Velocity 840-850 850-860 fps 810-820

Shroud is threaded for 1/2″x20 UNF. 


Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 42 × 6 in

.177 , .22, .25


.177, .22, .25

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