FX Panthera 500mm Airgun


FX Panthera 500mm Airgun


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The FX Panthera 500mm Airgun unlike any other FX Airguns rifle. A dedicated slug rifle, it was built with precision competition in mind an boasts technology that is indicative of a generational leap forward in the airgun industry. It features the new Dynamic Block, which is a new breech lock designed for performance slug shooting. It also utilizes a compact, high-power/short-impulse, one-piece valve which proves extremely efficient while allowing a powerful and precise flow of air.

The revolutionary over-the-barrel plenum design (Dynamic Plenum) that feeds the Panthera provides a consistent regulated pressurized plenum around the barrel, adding more rigidity as well as allowing multiple plenum lengths to be employed to match the caliber and power of the rifle. Precise levels of pressure are maintained by the single AMP MKII Regulator. Three sizes will be utilized initially: a Micro Plenum (sub 12ft/lb rifles), Macro Plenum (62cc) & Magnum XL Plenum (156cc). The results of the Dynamic Breech & Plenum are extraordinary! Testing has yielded constant 10-shot strings with standard deviations in the low 1.0–2.0 range and extreme spreads as low as 3-4. This ability to precisely control airflow paired with the world-class FX Superior STX barrel using premium slugs will yield competition wins, and not just in airgun competitions.

Designed for competition, the Panthera stock features a 14.75” Arca rail with M-LOK sections and a barricade block next to the breech. Shooters can achieve an ideal balance point by adding external M-LOK compatible weights or internal FX Barrel Weights that attach under the shroud. A fully adjustable buttstock and cheekpiece (also ambidextrous) promises a great fit for any shooter. The Panthera’s air source is a 300cc carbon fiber bottle attached in the rear and filled via a rear-located fosterquick disconnect.

The Dynamic Block has a larger breech than previous rifles, allowing for projectiles up to 13mm long. It uses the standard side-shot magazine, but with a deeper lid to accommodate longer slugs. It also uses the Quick Tune System (the same one as the Impact M3) and a 20MOA Picatinny scope rail. It comes standard with a zero-angle AR grip and ambidextrous sidelever cocking handle (reversible to the left side of the rifle). Dual-angled Manometers on the left of the block show bottle pressure and regulated plenum pressure.


Product Features:

– High-Power/Short-Impulse Valve Quick Tune System

– Rear Air Source & Fill Port

– Fully Adjustable Rear Stock

– A Dedicated, Purpose-Built Air Rifle

– Slim Profile Arca & M-Lok Forend

The FX Panthera will be offered in three configurations, the Panthera 700, Panthera 600 & Panthera 500 (corresponding to barrel length). The Panthera 600 & 700 utilize the FX Superior Heavy STX barrel liner as standard as they have been purpose built for slug shooting. The Panthera 500 uses the standard FX Superior STX barrel liner that shoots both pellets and light weight slugs. The rifle allows for the quick change of barrel liners but changing calibers and affixing different barrel lengths to the Panthera can only be done by an authorized FX dealer (Utah Airguns). 






Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 36 × 5 in

.177, .22, .25 , .30


.177, .22, .25, .30

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