Huma Air – FX Wildcat MKII, Streamline, & Dreamline Tuning Regulator (2019 AMP model)


Out of Stock. Available for Pre-Order.

This FX Wildcat, Streamline, & Dreamline Tuning Regulator Set with regulator and extra long plenum for more regulated air volume, is designed as a “one on one” replacement for the factory regulator. (2019 AMP model) for the dreamline with pressure tube.
It can be placed into the pressure tube within a minute and replaces the original regulator. The Huma-Air FX Dreamline Tuning regulator is very consistent over the total pressure range and solves all the known issues of the original regulator. Made of high grade aircraft aluminium in combination with bronze components. Our models have proven itself, by winning the USA Extreme Benchrest competion in 2018.

Weight 0.02 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
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