K&L FX Impact Gravity Rail


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K&L FX Impact Gravity Rail


The K&L Gravity Rail provides a perfect solution for those looking to use ARCA or Picatinny without an extension. Its cutting-edge design incorporates an integrated ARCA that moves back to balance the rifle towards the center of gravity, providing impeccable stability and accuracy. This feature is especially beneficial when using a tripod setup.

ARCA + T-Slot:
The short guard features an integrated T-slot and ARCA.
The 1.5-inch platform width of the ARCA creates a strong base.
The T-slot allows you to add and subtract pic rails as desired.
Each guard comes with 1 pic rail.

Snag resistant:
The bottom of the guard is very smooth. Edges on the T-slot have a large radius and no snagging angles going from the tip of the guard going all the way back to the grip. This allows you to use the bottom of your guard in many positions, sliding it back and forth to get into the best position. Stops can be added to create a hook. 

Low Profile:
This guard adds the least amount of height to your rifle than any other guard on the market. This makes your rifle less bulky and allows you to fit into tight spots, especially for competition courses.

Made in the USA

Weight 0.08 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 10 × 5 in
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