K&L – FX Impact Giga Rail


Kraford & Lypt – FX Impact Giga Rail


*Not compatible with the Impact Compact (500mm).

Take your FX Impact to the next level with the new Kraford & Lypt – FX Impact Giga Rail . This innovative rail opens up a wide range of configuration possibilities that were not previously feasible with the OEM rail due to its short length. With the gigaRail, you can effortlessly attach torches, lasers, and MOA shifting prisms, making your Impact more adaptable than ever before.

In addition to its extended length, the pic rail is positioned closer to the barrel, which reduces cant errors and provides a larger surface area to use as a brace with your hand or against an obstacle without shifting the barrel. The rail features a 0MOA and adjustable mounts, although built-in MOA mounts are still recommended.

One of the distinctive features of this rail is the T-slots on both sides, which allow you to separately slide in optional additional rails. With the gigaRail, you can structurally customize your rifle to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 12 × 6 in

Black, Gold

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