Nielsen Specialty Ammo | .25 Caliber | Hollow Point Slugs


Though most airguns have been designed to shoot domed pellets, there has been a push in technology and barrel options to shoot slugs effectively. Slugs are the perfect choice for hunting (energy transfer/expansion) and shooting longer range (100+ yards). Nick Nielsen of Nielsen Specialty Ammo makes some of the highest quality and consistent ammo on the market and his .25 Hollow Point slugs are no exception. 

These are accurate and a perfect choice for hunting with .25 cal PCP air rifles. Available in 26.8, 29.5, 33.5, 36.2 & 38.5 grain options.

Slug Weight Diameter Nose Base Box Qty.
26.8gr 0.249 Hollow-Point Dish 250
29.5gr 0.249 Hollow-Point Flat 225
33.5gr 0.25 Hollow-Point Flat 215
36.2gr 0.25 Hollow-Point Flat 215
38.5gr 0.25 Hollow-Point Flat


34.9gr – Box Qty 215

38.9gr – Box Qty 250

*You may notice a white film on the inside of the bag or on the slugs. This is lube and is supposed to be there.  It helps with barrel leading and improves accuracy.

*There are many variables to achieve accuracy, velocity and performance results with slugs. 


Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

26.8gr, 29.5gr, 33.5gr, 34.9gr, 36.2gr, 38.5g, 38.9gr



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