Nightforce NX8 F1


There’s a very good reason why most variable-power riflescopes have relatively modest magnification ranges, usually no more than a multiple of five or six (for example, a 3-12x is a multiple of four). While it has certainly been possible to build a riflescope with a multiple of eight, building one that delivers exceptional clarity, resolution and brightness at every setting, across the entire magnification range, has been a major obstacle for optical engineers. Until now. Our new NX8 2.5-20×50 F1 gives you one riflescope that will rule virtually any shooting environment, anywhere on Earth, at almost any distance. It includes advanced DigIllum reticle illumination. Nightforce ZeroStop technology. Your choice of MOA or Mil-Radian adjustments. And the power of eight comes in a sleek, streamlined package a mere 12 inches in length. It just might be the only riflescope you will ever need.

MIL-C (F1)

Designed to meet the needs of today’s Precision Rifle Series competitor, the MIL-C™ reticle allows for fast and accurate shots on target. The MIL-C™ has a simple center dot for a fine aiming point, while the main lines feature .2 Mil-Radian holds. Each whole Mil-Radian is numbered for fast reference under even stressful conditions. 


The MOARTM F1 reticle features 1 MOA elevation and windage markings for accurate range finding and hold-offs.  A floating center crosshair, and bold 3, 6 and 9 o’clock posts make this reticle fast and easy to use in the field. This MOARTM F1 reticle features an elevation scale that extends to the edge of field of view.


NX8™ 2.5-20X50 F1

Focal Plane First
Magnification Range 2.5-20x
Objective lens diameter 50mm
Tube diameter 30mm
Internal adjustment range (MOA/Mil) E: 110 MOA/32.0 MRAD
W: 80 MOA/23.3 MRAD
Click value 0.25 MOA or 0.1 MRAD
Parallax adjustment 11 yd–∞
Exit pupil diameter 2.5x: 7.1 mm
Eye relief 3.44″/87.5 mm
Field of view @100 yards/100 meters 2.5x:41.8 ft/13.9 m
20x: 7.0ft/2.3 m
Overall length (inches/mm) 12.0″/305 mm
Weight (ounces/grams) 28.3 oz/802 g
Mounting length (inches/mm) 5.44″/138.2 mm
Reticles available MOAR™


Focal Plane First
Magnification Range 4-32x
Objective lens diameter 50 mm
Tube diameter 30 mm
Internal adjustment range (MOA/Mil) E: 90 MOA/26.2 MRAD
W: 70 MOA/ 20.4 MRAD
Click value 0.25 MOA or 0.1 MRAD
Parallax adjustment 11 yd–∞
Exit pupil diameter 4x: 7.3 mm
32x: 1.6mm
Eye relief 3.4’/87.6mm
Field of view @100 yards/100 meters 4x: 26.1 ft/8.7m
32x: 4.6 ft/1.5 m
Overall length (inches/mm) 13.4″/340 mm
Weight (ounces/grams) 28.6 oz/811 g
Mounting length (inches/mm) 5.73″/145.5 mm
PTL (Power Throw Lever) Standard
Reticles available MOAR™
TReMoR 3™
Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 36 × 5 in
Optical System

2.5-20×50 Horus TREMOR3™ – Illuminated (Dark Earth), 2.5-20×50 MIL-C, 2.5-20×50 MIL-XT, 2.5-20×50 MIL-XT (Dark Earth), 2.5-20×50 MOAR, 4-32×50 MIL-C, 4-32×50 MIL-XT, 4-32×50 MIL-XT (Dark Earth) , 4-32×50 MOAR

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