Saber Tactical Mono-Pod – Bench Version


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Take your FX airgun to the next level with the new Saber Tactical Adjustable Benchrest Mono-Pod! This mono-pod is very well built of the highest quality materials. The adjustable mono-pod is extremely sturdy and also allows shooters to make macro and micro adjustments very quickly.

  • Attaches easily to our Saber Tactical buttstock.
  • There are two versions: Bench (heavy duty with horizontal and vertical adjustments), Field (only has vertical adjustments).
  • Precision lead screw allows for quick and accurate adjustments. It is very smooth and precise. 
  • No need to loosen any knobs before making adjustments. 
  • Has rubber padding on the bottom for extra grip.
  • We offer extra adapters that allow you to swap the mono-pod from one gun to another. 
  • Mono-pods attach to adapter by very strong magnets. Very easy to detach and attach to the gun. 

*Currently only compatible with the Saber Tactical Adjustable Buttstock. 

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 15 × 5 in
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