Side Shot Phone Mount


The Side-Shot Phone Mount is a simple, yet revolutionary way to record everything the user sees while looking down the scope. Using patented technology, the Side-Shot allows users to easily secure their phone and use the built-in camera to record every shot, kill & sometimes rare miss. With the solid and rugged design, the Side-Shot can be used on a wide variety of guns and optics. We have tested on a 7MM, 30-06, .300 Blackout (Full Auto), and everything else down to airguns with great results! 

Available in 1 inch, 30mm, and 34mm mount options the Side-Shot Phone Mount firmly attaches becoming one with the optic. Along with the stabilizer bar provided this anchored mounting system ensures users will get quality video with minimal shaking from recoil. Besides recording kill shots there are many other uses for the Side-Shot including:

  • Instruction – Many shooting instructors are using the Side-Shot to watch what their students are seeing and make corrections & adjustments to technique on the range and field.
  • Disabled Shooters – We have been able to hear amazing stories of people using the Side-Shot to help blind individuals get on target and make shots on their own!
  • Put Tall Tales to Rest – No more of hearing your buddies hunting stories that start like, “It was a 900 yard, offhand, with 30 mph left-to-right wind, heart shot.” Just ask them to see the Side-Shot video!
We use the Side-Shot almost every day and it really is one of the most fun toys we have in our shop. There is nothing better than making an awesome shot and being able to watch it again and again in slow motion with your friends. Order your Side-Shot today and be sure to send us your videos!
Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
Product UPC/EAN


Ring Size (Diameter)

1 In., 30mm, 34mm

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