Skout Airguns Epoch Whisper


Skout Airguns Epoch Whisper


The Skout Airguns EPOCH Whisper upgrade is a sound moderation improvement that maintains accuracy and shot consistency while reducing noise. This enhancement reconfigures airflow dynamics, which affects many variables that are crucial to shot trajectory and reliability.


Every shot fired is affected by numerous factors, and managing airflow within the moderator plays a pivotal role. The EPOCH® Whisper upgrade is more than just a minor change; it’s a precision-driven optimization that harmonizes thousands of intricate elements. From micro-level adjustments in pressure differentials to macro-level considerations of airflow distribution, every facet converges to refine shot trajectory and ensure unwavering consistency.


The EPOCH® Whisper upgrade was designed by our in-house engineering team and made out of durable and easy-to-clean Delrin. It was developed through extensive expertise and innovation. Competitive shooters from a diverse group rigorously tested this upgrade, and their feedback proved to be pivotal in refining it to its peak performance. Their invaluable experiences have fine-tuned this upgrade to meet and exceed the stringent demands of shooters who demand the utmost precision.


The EPOCH® Whisper represents the pinnacle of precision engineering and real-world expertise. It is not only a sound moderation solution but it also redefines the shooting experience by offering unparalleled levels of accuracy, consistency, and subdued sound for discerning shooters.


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.177, .22, .25 , .30 , .35

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