ZAN Slugs .22 Caliber – (200ct)

SKU: Category: Ammo, Slugs, ZAN Projectiles


This is our new range of .22 caliber ZAN slugs,  accurate and high expanding slugs for hunting or target shooting, Hollow points that gives high stopping power even at lower velocities. Base of the slug is designed for the perfect seal of the barrel. 



******40gr/.217 & 40gr/.218  They do fit in fx magazine, but if is more then 10 filled, magazine stop to make turns due to weak spring inside.******


ZAN Slugs .22 Caliber -(200ct): Diameter: Length: BC:
23gr/.217 5.51mm 7mm 0.075
23gr/.218 5.53mm 7.4mm 0.075
25.5gr/.217 5.51mm 8mm 0.082
25.5gr/.218 5.53mm 8mm 0.082
28gr/.218 5.53mm 8.65mm 0.090
30.5gr/.218 5.53mm 9.2mm 0.097
33gr/.218 5.53mm 9.8mm 0.107
40gr/.217 5.51mm 11.2mm N/A
40gr/.218 5.53mm 11.2mm N/A
Weight 0.01 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 3 in

23gr/.217, 23gr/.218, 25.5gr/.217, 25.5gr/.218, 28gr/.217, 28gr/.218, 30.5gr/.217, 30.5gr/.218, 33gr/.217, 33gr/.218, 36gr/.218, 40gr/.217, 40gr/.218



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