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Zbroia Hortizia Air Rifle

The model “Hortitzia" is made by ZBROIA Company out of Kharkov, Ukraine. This is a classic style airgun rifle with a comfortable Monte-Carlo stock. Zbroia wanted to build a gun that was affordable yet didn't sacrifice in the areas of accuracy,...

Zbroia Kozak FC Bullpup

$859.99 - $889.99
The Zbroia KOZAK FC is a fully compacted bullpup PCP rifle and the newest product in the Zbroia line. Manufactured using their own barrel featuring 12 lands and grooves. The FC model is even shorter than the standard Kozak by bringing the barrel all the...

Zbroia Kozak Tactical Bullpup

$799.99 - $879.99
The Zbroia KOZAK is a compact bullpup PCP air rifle that has been manufactured and refined since 2014. All Zbroia guns are manufactured using their own barrel featuring 12 lands and grooves. The forward lever makes cocking very ergonomic. This...