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DonnyFL SUMO Moderator

The DonnyFL Sumo is the original. Probably the most sold moderator at Utah Airguns it gives a good balance of size, suppression while still being compact. Features: 1.6 x 6.5 inches Mono-core...
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FX Dreamline - Classic

All of your airgun dreams will soon be realized with the revolutionary FX Dreamline! Loaded with features that have typically only been reserved for the highest end airguns, the FX Dreamline will be...
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FX Crown Continuum

$1,699.99 - $2,099.99
Scope The FX Crown Continuum combines some new extremes to this already versatile platform, taking the Crown to a whole new level. The Crown Continuum comes with both a compact 380mm barrel...
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Zbroia Kozak FC Bullpup

The Zbroia KOZAK FC is a fully compacted bullpup PCP rifle and the newest product in the Zbroia line. Manufactured using their own barrel featuring 12 lands and grooves. The FC model is even shorter...
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TAIPAN Veteran Standard

$1,349.99 - $1,449.99
*This gun ships in a cardboard box. If you are purchasing a scope & rings, and want us to mount/sight-in your gun, you will need to purchase an upgraded hard case for the gun & scope to fit...
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Nightforce SHV

$894.99 - $1,209.99
The Nightforce SHV is the preferred scope of many top airgun competitive shooters. With adjustable parallax down to 25 yards the SHV series is one of the few high-end optic options that can be used...
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Q & A With DonnyFL

Q & A With DonnyFL

Sorry, it has been so long since we have posted on the blog! We will be writing a lot more and reall …
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