We sell Umarex Airguns and products! Contact Utah Airguns to buy your next Umarex Airgun tuned and backed by the experts. The Umarex Gauntlet is one of the best entry-level PCP airguns on the market.

About Umarex

Umarex airguns are airgun replicas of handguns manufactured by Umarex Sportwaffen of Germany under license from the manufacturers of the original firearms. They are imported into the United States by Umarex USA, Inc. Umarex Airguns has in-house brands including entry and mid-level airguns in their Tactical Force and Combat Zone brands, while reserving their Elite Force brand for premium airguns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Umarex airguns does Utah Airguns offer?

Utah Airguns offers a diverse range of Umarex airguns, including CO2-powered pistols and rifles designed for various shooting preferences.

Are Umarex airguns available for both recreational and competitive use?

Yes, Umarex produces airguns suitable for recreational shooting, training, and some models that meet the standards for competitive sports.

What is the advantage of choosing a CO2-powered Umarex airgun?

CO2-powered Umarex airguns provide a convenient and efficient way to power the gun, offering consistent performance with easy CO2 cartridge replacement.

Do Umarex airguns sold by Utah Airguns come with any warranties?

Yes, most Umarex airguns on Utah Airguns are covered by manufacturer warranties. It’s advisable to check the specific warranty terms for each model.

Can I find replacement parts and accessories for Umarex airguns at Utah Airguns?

Utah Airguns typically carries a selection of replacement parts and accessories for Umarex airguns, allowing users to maintain and customize their guns.

Are Umarex airguns suitable for beginners, or are they more geared towards experienced shooters?

Umarex offers airguns suitable for all skill levels, including models ideal for beginners and those tailored for more experienced shooters.

Do Umarex airguns require any specific maintenance routines?

Umarex airguns, like any precision equipment, benefit from regular maintenance. Utah Airguns may provide guidelines or resources on how to care for your Umarex airgun.

Are Umarex airguns on Utah Airguns compliant with local regulations and restrictions?

It’s important to check the local regulations regarding airguns, and Utah Airguns may provide information on the compliance of Umarex products with such regulations.