Thermal Scopes and Nightvision Scopes

About Thermal Scopes and Nightvision Scopes

When the sun sets, a new horizon opens using thermal scopes and nightvision scopes. Precision at night introduces a whole new game. We provide high quality thermal scopes and nightvision scopes so you can be a hunting machine both day and night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are night vision scopes?

A night vision scope is an optical device that amplifies ambient light or infrared radiation to allow for enhanced vision in low-light conditions or darkness.

What is the difference between MIL and MOA in night vision scopes?

MIL (Milliradian) and MOA (Minute of Angle) are units of measurement for adjustments and reticle subtensions. MIL is often used in tactical and military applications, while MOA is common in precision shooting and hunting. Night vision scopes may feature reticles with MIL or MOA adjustments, depending on the manufacturer and model. These adjustments help users compensate for bullet drop, windage, and target distance – therefore improving accuracy when light is scarce.

What is a night vision scope or thermal scope parallax?

Parallax is an optical phenomenon where the reticle appears to shift in relation to the target due to the shooter’s eye movement, potentially causing misalignment.

How can I choose from all the thermal scopes and night vision scopes that are available?

Consider factors like shooting preferences, budget, and intended use. Utah Airguns provides detailed product descriptions and expert advice to assist in making an informed decision when selecting a thermal scope or night vision scope.

How do thermal scopes work?

A thermal scope utilizes thermal imaging technology to detect and display heat signatures, ideal for low-light or no-light conditions.

How do night vision scopes work?

A night vision scope amplifies available light to provide visibility in the dark, essential for nighttime shooting or observation.

Does Utah Airguns sell a variety of rifle scopes?

Yes, Utah Airguns offers a diverse range of rifle scopes, including thermal scopes, night vision scopes, red dot sights, spotting scopes, and clip-on thermal devices, catering to various shooting and hunting needs.

Can I use a night vision scope with my airgun?

Yes, you can use night vision scopes with an airgun, provided it is compatible with your particular airgun.

Can I use a thermal scope with my airgun?

Yes, you can use thermal scopes with an airgun, provided it is compatible with your particular airgun.

How do you sight in a thermal scope?

Choose a stable shooting position and set up a target at a known distance, then align the crosshairs of the scope with the target. Fire a shot and note where it hits relative to the target, then adjust the scope’s windage and elevation dials accordingly. Fire additional shots and make fine adjustments until the point of impact matches the target. Finally, confirm zero at different distances, if needed.

What is the best night vision scope?

The best night vision scope depends on individual needs and preferences, but some top contenders include models from companies like ATN, Pulsar, and Armasight. Utah Airguns offers a large selection of night vision scopes so you can pick the one that’s best for your needs.

Which is better: night vision or thermal scopes?

Night vision scopes are better for detecting low-light and nighttime conditions, while thermal scopes excel at detecting heat signatures regardless of light conditions. The choice depends on specific use cases and preferences.

Are night vision scopes legal in California?

Yes – night vision scopes are legal to own and use in California for hunting and other lawful purposes, but there may be restrictions on certain types of night vision devices. It is essential to comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

How much is a night vision scope?

Night vision scope prices can vary widely depending on features, quality, and brand, but they typically range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Luckily, Utah Airguns offers a large selection of night vision scopes to fit every budget.