NSA FX Impact Threaded Pin Probe & Housing


If you are shooting skirted ammo (Pellets) in .30 caliber only you will want to select the Pellet/Skirted Option. If you are shooting flat-based slugs (NSA) you will select the Slugs/Flat option. 
*Not compatible with Saber Tactical Cheek Riser or possibly other aftermarket accessories. 
New adjustable Pin style probe for increased power, performance and consistency in seating. An adjustable pin probe allows more airflow for increased power potential and precise seating depth for better accuracy. The threaded probe and housing design allows for increased durability and performance over time. If you have a high-power tune, this probe offers an easy way to maximize the performance of your FX Impact.  
Self installation of housing required. If you are purchasing a new gun, we can install the probe/re-tune for a $24.99 fee. 
* Designed and produced by NSA.
 *Incorrect installation will void warranty. Utah Airguns is not liable for issues that may arise from self-installation. 
Weight 0.03 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 4 in

.22, .25, .30 – Pellet (Skirted), .30 – Slugs (Flat), .35

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