Umarex AirJavelin FishR PCP Airgun

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Umarex AirJavelin FishR PCP Airgun


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Bring the power of air to bow fishing with the Umarex AirJavelin FishR PCP Airgun. Technically a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) airgun, the AirJavelin FishR is powered by high-pressure air stored in a 9.5 cu. in. (155 cc) on-board tank at 4,500 psi. The pressure is regulated to 800 psi, which in turn launches a 1,248 grain solid fiberglass arrow (one arrow included with purchase of the AirJavelin airgun!) at 100 fps generating 28 ft. lbs. at the muzzleAt the tip of the arrow, you’ll find an Innerloc Pro Point that runs through and grabs onto the fish like a talon. Depending on the preference of the shooter, they can shoot the FishR intuitively or attach an optic to allow for tuning for the preferred shooting depth and technique.

The Umarex AirJavelin FishR PCP Airgun boasts a universal reel mount, full-length top Picatinny Rail, and stainless parts (that are corrosion-resistant) for long life in harsh/salty environments. The slots on the side are M-LOK compatible, allowing the user to add more Picatinny rail or aftermarket arrow holders if desired. You can expect over 65 shots per fill of the 155 cc tank and light overall weight, which is ideal for a long day (or night) of use. The universal mount on either side of the rig makes attaching your favorite wide-mouth or bottle reel easy, tying the line to the arrow’s slider as you would any bow fishing arrow. There are several options when it comes to filling the FishR with air: a 3-stage airgun hand pump, an electric airgun air compressor like the Umarex ReadyAir, or an external tank. It uses normal atmospheric air or it can run on nitrogen. Loading the FishR arrow is simple – just slide it inside the stainless arrow tube and reel up any excess slack in the line. If you’re using a button reel, be sure to push the button. Then, pull the bolt handle back all the way and let it go forward. Acquire your fish, send it, reel it in, and repeat!

  • 155cc 4,500PSI Tank
  • 800PSI Regulated Pressure
  • Salt Water Corrosion Resistant Construction
  • 100 FPS with 1250 Grain Arrow (one arrow included)
  • 28 ft/lbs of Energy


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 40 in
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