Accu-Tac Hydro Bipod

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Accu-Tac Hydro Bipod


We are proud to introduce our latest innovation, the Hydro-Bipod, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of long-range and extreme long-range users, as well as precision-driven individuals.

This bipod boasts a range of impressive features, including the ability to cant and a center hub with a hydraulic vertical adjustment option that can be easily controlled using an X-handle. By pushing fluid through a hose, the height of the center hub can be adjusted to suit the user’s requirements. Additionally, the legs can be positioned outward, forward, and backward, offering flexibility to suit individual shooting styles. Furthermore, the legs can be extended to provide additional height, if required.

The Hydro-Bipod’s canting ability and hydraulic central hub represents a significant advancement in bipod technology. The easy-to-use X-handle and hose feature provides exceptional precision and control to meet the needs of even the most demanding situations. The outward, forward, and backward leg positions, in conjunction with the option to extend the legs, provide the perfect combination of stability and flexibility, making the Hydro-Bipod an indispensable tool for anyone seeking the highest level of precision and accuracy.


Materials 6061 T6 Aluminum alloy / High strength steel hardware
Min. Height 5.13” / 177.8 mm
Max. Height 12”/ 254 mm
Position One Min. Stance 17.250” / 343 mm
Open Position Min Stance 21.250″
Position One Max. Stance 21.250” / 444.5 mm
Open Position Max Stance 25.5″
Closed Position Width 8” 7/8. / 139.7 mm
Closed Position Length 11.0” / 228 mm
Remote Hose Length 24″
Weight with Remote 72 oz
Color Flat Black, Black, Red
Coating Type III ( MIL-SPEC ) Hard Anodize (matte)
Coating Type II Hard Anodize/ Bright Dip (red/black)
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 21 × 11 in
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